Auburndale Area Youth Football and Cheerleading, Association

Auburndale, WI

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Tuesday, April 10 at 6:00 pm at HS Cafeteria




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Auburndale Area Youth Football & Cheerleading Association is run strictly by volunteers.  From the board of directors to the coaches, we count on everyone to pitch in to make the program a success for both players and cheerleaders. 



Concession Stand Committee
One of our main income producers for our program is the concession stand sales on game day.  We need help obtaining the products, coordinating the workers, set-up and clean-up the concessions.  All parents will be asked to provide assistance with shifts in the stand.  It is your responsibility to find a replacement if you cannot fulfill your assigned time.  Please get involved as this is our primary fundraiser.


Team Representatives
Team Reps assist coaches and directors to hand out memos and communications regarding practice and game schedules.  The Team Reps will also help the Concession Stand Committee to provide schedules to parent workers.


In order to keep everything running smoothly each football team could use 3 to 4 coaches.  Cheerleading can also use assistance.  Please consider making a commitment that will provide you with the satisfaction of watching the youth of our community learn and develop new skills.


Equipment Maintenance
Coaches and directors need help to distribute equipment and assistance with fixing any problems that players have with equipment throughout the season.


Fundraising Committee
This committee will determine what fundraisers will be held this year.  The committee will work with the Board of Directors to implement the fundraiser.  Help with solicitation of team sponsors and individual donors.


Equipment Handout / Turn-In
We could use about a dozen people to help with equipment distribution at night or the collection of equipment at the end of season return night.


Game Day Help
We need concession workers, baked goods, chain-gang, scoreboard operators, someone to record game video for coaches, and post-game clean-up of the grounds following home games.  Older siblings are welcome to help.  We can work together so that parents don't have to work when their child is participating.  We need everyone to pitch in to make the day run smoother.

Your assistance can make your son or daughter's experience even more rewarding and you might have some fun too!